Nevada Animals
Sec. § 565.095
Transportation of saddle horse without brand inspection or livestock movement permit.


Any person who resides in a state which does not require the use or inspection of a brand for a horse in that state may transport a saddle horse owned by that person into and from this State without a brand inspection or livestock movement permit issued by the Department. Any saddle horse transported pursuant to this section must not remain in this State for more than 15 days or any shorter period specified by the Department and must not be transported into or from this State more than once during that period. Upon request by the Department, a person who transports a saddle horse pursuant to this section shall present to the Department a certificate of health for the saddle horse and a bill of sale or other proof of ownership of the saddle horse required by the Department.


As used in this section, “saddle horse” means any horse which is ridden or otherwise used by a person while competing or participating in a rodeo, horse show or other contest of skill in this State other than a bucking event at that rodeo, horse show or contest of skill.
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