Nevada Animals

Sec. § 564.140
Unlawful to use brand on position on animal or in area other than those authorized; application for change of position, new position or change in area; unlawful to deface or remove recorded brand.


It is unlawful for the owner of any legally recorded brand, recorded under the provisions of this chapter, to use the brand on any position, on any animal, or in any area, other than that authorized in writing at the time the brand was recorded, or subsequent thereto, by the Department. The Department may, on the written application of the owner of any legally recorded brand, authorize in writing a change of position or a new position for the application of the brand, or change or enlarge the area in which it may be used, if, in the opinion of the Department, the change in position or area of use will not jeopardize or injure the rights or property of the owner of any other brand remaining of legal record.


Any application for a change in position or a new position or a change in the area of use as provided in subsection 1 must set forth a sufficient reason for the change, and the Department may require such supporting evidence for the change as it deems necessary to establish the facts.


It is unlawful for any person to obliterate, disfigure, extend, deface or remove from any animal a brand that is recorded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

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