Nevada Animals

Sec. § 564.040
Application for recording of brand or mark.


Any owner of animals in this State desiring to adopt and use thereupon any brand, or brand and mark, or marks, as provided for in this chapter shall, before doing so, forward to the Department an application, on a form approved and provided by the Department for that purpose, for the recording of the brand, or brand and mark or marks, and receive a certificate of recordation as provided in this chapter.


The application must:


Include a drawing, exact except as to size, of the brand, together with any earmarks or other marks desired or intended to be used therewith, and the location upon the animal or animals concerned where the brand and earmarks or other marks are desired or intended to be used;


Include a statement of the kinds of animals upon which the brand or brand and mark or marks are used or will be used;


Include a statement of the approximate boundaries of that part of the State within which it is intended to use the brand, brand and mark or marks; and


Include the full name and address of the applicant.


For the purpose of this chapter, the post office address included in the application must be considered the legal address of the applicant until the Department receives from the applicant, in writing, a notice of the change of the address, the latest address of record with the Department remaining the legal address.

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