Nevada Animals

Sec. § 564.075
Amendment of record of brands and marks; application; form.


The owner of a brand or brand and mark or marks whose ownership is recorded by the Department pursuant to NRS 564.070 may apply to the Department to amend the record:


By changing his or her name as it appears in the record if:


The owner’s name is changed by court order pursuant to an adoption, a divorce, an adjudication of paternity, a petition for a change of name or other legal proceeding;


The owner changes his or her name upon marriage;


The owner transfers the ownership of the brand or brand and mark or marks to or from a revocable trust of which the owner is a beneficiary;


The record shows that the brand or brand and mark or marks is owned by joint tenants with the right of survivorship and the owner is the surviving joint tenant;


The owner is a partnership, corporation or other business entity and the change in the name of the owner is the result of a change in the identity or form of the business entity or a transfer of the ownership of the brand, brand and mark or marks to a business entity that has identical common ownership; or


The owner applies on the basis of a comparable event, transaction or other occurrence.


By removing the name of a person who is included in the record in the capacity of a parent or guardian of the owner if the owner was a minor at the time his or her ownership was recorded by the Department and the owner is 18 years of age or older.


An application to amend the record pursuant to this section must be:


On a form provided by the Department; and


Accompanied by written proof of the event, transaction or other occurrence that is the basis for the application.


If the Department determines that the requested amendment to the record does not affect the ownership of a brand or brand and mark or marks or create confusion concerning its ownership, the Department shall:


Amend the record by changing the name of the owner or removing the name of the parent or guardian of the owner; and


Provide the owner with an amended certificate of recordation.

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