Nevada Animals

Sec. § 564.025
Branding or marking of all animals grazing on open range required; application for temporary use of brand recorded or registered in another state; exception.


As used in this section, “open range” means all unenclosed lands outside of cities and towns upon which animals by custom, license, lease or permit are grazed or permitted to roam.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, every owner of animals in this State, who permits his or her animals to graze upon the open range, shall design, adopt and record a brand or a brand and mark and shall brand or brand and mark his or her animals as provided in this chapter.


Every owner of animals who brings such animals from another state into this State, if the animals have a recorded or registered brand of that other state, and who permits those animals to graze upon the open range, shall apply to the Department for a temporary use of the brand. The application must state the period for which the animals will remain in this State. The Department may grant a temporary use of the brand for a designated period, which may not exceed the period stated in the application, or require a new brand or a brand and mark as required by this section.


This section does not apply to animals that are less than 6 months of age.

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