Nevada State Judicial Department
Sec. § 5.0503
Transfer of original jurisdiction of criminal case to justice court or another municipal court.


A municipal court may, on its own motion, transfer original jurisdiction of a criminal case filed with that court to a justice court or another municipal court if:


The case involves criminal conduct that occurred outside the limits of the city where the court is located and the defendant has appeared before a magistrate pursuant to NRS 171.178;


Such a transfer is necessary to promote access to justice for the defendant and the municipal court has noted its findings concerning that issue in the record; or


The defendant agrees to participate in a program of treatment, including, without limitation, a program of treatment made available pursuant to NRS 176A.250, 176A.280, 453.580 or 458.300, or to access other services located elsewhere in this State.


A municipal court may not issue an order for the transfer of a case pursuant to paragraph (b) or (c) of subsection 1 until a plea agreement has been reached or the final disposition of the case, whichever occurs first.


An order issued by a municipal court which transfers a case pursuant to this section becomes effective after a notice of acceptance is returned by the justice court or municipal court to which the case was transferred. If a justice court or municipal court refuses to accept the transfer of a case pursuant to subsection 1, the case must be returned to the municipal court which sought the transfer.
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