Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 453.580
Program for treatment of certain offenders: Requirements; payment of costs; completion in another jurisdiction.


A court may establish an appropriate treatment program to which it may assign a person pursuant to subsection 4 of NRS 453.336, NRS 174.032, 453.3363 or 458.300, or it may assign such a person to an appropriate treatment provider. The assignment must include the terms and conditions for successful completion of the program and provide for progress reports at intervals set by the court to ensure that the person is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the program.


A program to which a court assigns a person pursuant to subsection 1 must include:


Information and encouragement for the participant to cease abusing alcohol or using controlled substances through educational, counseling and support sessions developed with the cooperation of various community, health, substance use disorder, religious, social service and youth organizations;


The opportunity for the participant to understand the medical, psychological and social implications of substance use disorders; and


Alternate courses within the program based on the different substances used and the addictive disorders of participants.


If the offense with which the person was charged involved the use or possession of a controlled substance, in addition to the program or as a part of the program, the court must also require random testing or screening to determine that the person is not using a controlled substance.


Before the court assigns a person to a program pursuant to this section, the person must agree to pay the cost of the program to which the person is assigned and the cost of any additional supervision required pursuant to subsection 3, to the extent of the financial resources of the person. If the person does not have the financial resources to pay all of the related costs, the court shall, to the extent practicable, arrange for the person to be assigned to a program with a treatment provider that receives a sufficient amount of federal or state funding to offset the remainder of the costs.


If a court places a person under the supervision of a treatment provider to receive treatment for a substance use disorder pursuant to this section, the court may authorize the person to complete any period of treatment remaining under the supervision of a treatment provider in another jurisdiction if the court determines that:


The person is eligible to receive treatment under a program of treatment in the other jurisdiction; and


The program of treatment in the other jurisdiction is substantially similar to the program of treatment to which the person is assigned in this State.


As used in this section:


“Treatment provider” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 458.010.


“Treatment provider in another jurisdiction” means a person or a public or private agency, residential treatment center, facility for the treatment of alcohol or other substance use disorders, or voluntary organization which holds a license, certificate or other credential issued by a regulatory agency in another jurisdiction.

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