Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 5.050


Municipal courts have jurisdiction of civil actions or proceedings:


For the violation of any ordinance of their respective cities.


To prevent or abate a nuisance within the limits of their respective cities.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 of NRS 173.115, the municipal courts have jurisdiction of all misdemeanors committed in violation of the ordinances of their respective cities. Upon approval of the district court, a municipal court may transfer original jurisdiction of a misdemeanor to the district court for the purpose of assigning an offender to a program established pursuant to NRS 176A.250 or, if the municipal court has not established a program pursuant to NRS 176A.280, to a program established pursuant to that section.


The municipal courts have jurisdiction of:


Any action for the collection of taxes or assessments levied for city purposes, when the principal sum thereof does not exceed $2,500.


Actions to foreclose liens in the name of the city for the nonpayment of those taxes or assessments when the principal sum claimed does not exceed $2,500.


Actions for the breach of any bond given by any officer or person to or for the use or benefit of the city, and of any action for damages to which the city is a party, and upon all forfeited recognizances given to or for the use or benefit of the city, and upon all bonds given on appeals from the municipal court in any of the cases named in this section, when the principal sum claimed does not exceed $2,500.


Actions for the recovery of personal property belonging to the city, when the value thereof does not exceed $2,500.


Actions by the city for the collection of any damages, debts or other obligations when the amount claimed, exclusive of costs or attorney’s fees, or both if allowed, does not exceed $2,500.


Actions seeking an order pursuant to NRS 441A.195.


Nothing contained in subsection 3 gives the municipal court jurisdiction to determine any such cause when it appears from the pleadings that the validity of any tax, assessment or levy, or title to real property, is necessarily an issue in the cause, in which case the court shall certify the cause to the district court in like manner and with the same effect as provided by law for certification of causes by justice courts.

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