Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 5.080
Notice of intention to appeal; bail.


After filing a notice of intention to appeal, which shall include a statement of the character of the judgment, with the municipal court and serving such notice upon the city attorney, a defendant who has been convicted of a criminal violation in a municipal court may, if the defendant desires to be released from custody during the pendency of the appeal or desires a stay of proceedings under the judgment until disposition of the appeal, enter bail for the prosecution of the appeal, the payment of any judgment, fine and costs that may be awarded against the defendant on the appeal for failure to prosecute the appeal and for the rendering of himself or herself in execution of the judgment from which the defendant is appealing or of any judgment rendered against the defendant in the action appealed from in the district court to which the action is appealed.


Any bail which has been entered in the municipal court for the prosecution of the action in such court may be released or retained by the court in partial satisfaction of the bail required pursuant to subsection 1.

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