Nevada Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft

Sec. § 484A.710
Arrest without warrant for certain offenses.


Any peace officer may, without a warrant, arrest a person if the officer has reasonable cause for believing that the person has committed any of the following offenses:


Homicide by vehicle;


A violation of NRS 484C.110 or 484C.120;


A violation of NRS 484C.430;


A violation of NRS 484C.130;


Failure to stop, give information or render reasonable assistance in the event of a crash resulting in death or personal injuries in violation of NRS 484E.010 or 484E.030;


Failure to stop or give information in the event of a crash resulting in damage to a vehicle or to other property legally upon or adjacent to a highway in violation of NRS 484E.020 or 484E.040;


Reckless driving;


Driving a motor vehicle on a highway or on premises to which the public has access at a time when the person’s driver’s license has been cancelled, revoked or suspended; or


Driving a motor vehicle in any manner in violation of the restrictions imposed in a restricted license issued to the person pursuant to NRS 483.490.


Whenever any person is arrested as authorized in this section, the person must be taken without unnecessary delay before the proper magistrate as specified in NRS 484A.750, except that in the case of either of the offenses designated in paragraphs (f) and (g) of subsection 1, a peace officer has the same discretion as is provided in other cases in NRS 484A.730.

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