Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463A.190
Judicial review: Record on review.


Upon written request of petitioner and upon payment of such reasonable costs and fees as the Commission may prescribe, the complete record on review, or such parts thereof as are designated by the petitioner, shall be prepared by the Commission.


The complete record on review shall include copies of:


All notices and statements in the matter;


All notices and interim orders issued by the Commission in connection with the matter;


All stipulations;


The decision and order appealed from;


A transcript of all testimony, evidence and proceedings at the hearing;


The exhibits admitted or rejected; and


Any other papers in the matter.
Ê The original of any document may be used in lieu of a copy thereof. The record on review may be shortened by stipulation of all parties to the review proceedings.


The record on review shall be filed with the reviewing court within 30 days after service of the petition for review, but the court may allow the Commission additional time to prepare and transmit the record on review.

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