Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463A.030
Information concerning certain personnel of labor organization to be filed with Board; regulations of Commission.


Not later than the date on which a labor organization which represents or seeks to represent gaming casino employees in this state begins an organizational activity directed at a gaming casino employee, the labor organization shall file with the Board a list of its personnel who:


Adjust or seek to adjust grievances for, negotiate or administer the wages, hours, working conditions or conditions of employment of any gaming casino employee;


Solicit, collect or receive, or seek to solicit, collect or receive any dues, assessments, levies, fines, contributions or other charges within this state for or on behalf of the organization from gaming casino employees; or


Act as officers, members of the governing body, business agents or in any other policymaking or supervisory position in the organization.


Each person listed shall file with the Board:


A complete set of the person’s fingerprints which the Board may forward to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its report;


Complete information in writing concerning the person’s labor organization activities, prior performance of the same or similar functions, previous employment or occupational history; and


The person’s criminal record if any, covering at least a 10-year period unless the Board determines that a shorter period is appropriate.


The Commission shall by regulation prescribe the frequency or circumstances or both with or under which the list must be revised.


The Commission may by regulation prescribe:


Any further information to be required concerning each person listed or each person performing a particular function.


The addition of other personnel to the list whose duties significantly affect the conduct of a gaming operation.


In adopting regulations pursuant to this section, the Commission shall proceed in the manner prescribed in chapter 463 of NRS.


For the purposes of this section, “organizational activity” means:


Soliciting membership by direct personal contact;


Distributing cards regarding interests or representation; or


Distributing or posting a flyer, poster or advertisement.

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