Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463A.050
Investigation of personnel of labor organization: Powers of Board; costs; consultants; recommendations.


To determine suitability under and compliance with the provisions of this chapter, the Board may investigate any person whose name is listed by a labor organization or who it believes is performing or seeking to perform a function which requires listing. For this purpose the Board is vested with all of the powers which it possesses for the investigation of an applicant for or holder of a state gaming license, and may further make such examination as it reasonably deems necessary of the financial records of any labor organization for whom such a person is performing or seeking to perform such a function.


The cost of any investigation required by this section must be paid by the Board from money appropriated or authorized to be used for this purpose.


Whenever the Board undertakes an investigation pursuant to this section, the Board shall employ or consult with some person who has a professional background in the field of labor relations. The same services may be retained to assist the Commission upon any subsequent hearing of the matter.


The Board shall, if appropriate, recommend to the Commission that a person investigated be disqualified.

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