Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444.560
Regulations of State Environmental Commission: Adoption; fees; violation prohibited after reasonable time.


The State Environmental Commission shall adopt regulations concerning solid waste management systems, or any part thereof, including regulations establishing standards for the issuance, renewal, modification, suspension, revocation and denial of, and for the imposition of terms and conditions for, a permit to construct or operate a disposal site.


The State Environmental Commission may establish a schedule of fees for the disposal of solid waste in areas subject to the jurisdiction of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in accordance with NRS 444.495 or for the issuance of permits or other approvals by the Department for the operation of solid waste management facilities. The Department may use the money collected under the schedule to defray the cost of managing and regulating solid waste.


Notice of the intention to adopt and the adoption of any regulation or schedule of fees must be given to the clerk of the governing board of all municipalities in this State.


Within a reasonable time, as fixed by the State Environmental Commission, after the adoption of any regulation, no governing board of a municipality or person may operate or permit an operation in violation of the regulation.

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