Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444.140
Air space in bunkhouse or tent; bunk, bed or mattress to be supplied to employee.


Every bunkhouse, tent or other sleeping place used for the purpose of a lodging or sleeping apartment in such camp shall contain sufficient air space to insure an adequate supply of fresh air for each person occupying such bunkhouse, tent or other sleeping place.


Suitable bunks or beds shall be provided for all employees. Such bunks or beds shall be made of steel, canvas or other sanitary material, and shall be so constructed as to afford reasonable comfort to the persons occupying the same. A clear space of at least 20 inches extending from the floor to the ceiling or roof of any bunkhouse, tent or other sleeping place must be allowed between each bed or bunk in any bunkhouse, tent or sleeping place.


Upon the request of an employee, he or she must be supplied with a mattress or some equally comfortable bedding for which a reasonable charge may be made, the same to be deducted from the employee’s wages. When straw or other substitute for a mattress is used, a container or tick must be provided.

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