Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444.049
Reporting of violations of requirements concerning availability of toilet facilities to public; duties of Attorney General.


A person may report a violation of NRS 444.048 to the Attorney General of the State of Nevada.


Upon receiving a report pursuant to subsection 1, the Attorney General shall notify the public body responsible for the alleged violation. Not later than 30 days after receiving such notification, the public body shall:


Present evidence to the Attorney General that it is in compliance with NRS 444.048; or


Begin any action necessary to comply with the requirements of NRS 444.048 and notify the Attorney General of the date on which it will be in compliance with those requirements.


If the public body fails to comply with NRS 444.048, the Attorney General shall take such action as is necessary to ensure compliance with NRS 444.048, including, without limitation, commencing proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, if appropriate.

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