Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444.510
Municipal solid waste management systems: Development, revision and approval of plans; cooperative agreements.


The governing body of every municipality or district board of health created pursuant to NRS 439.362 or 439.370 shall develop a plan to provide for a solid waste management system which adequately provides for the management and disposal of solid waste within the boundaries of the municipality or within the area to be served by the system, whether generated within or outside of the boundaries of the area.


The plan may include ordinances adopted pursuant to NRS 444.520 and 444.530.


Such a governing body may enter into agreements with governing bodies of other municipalities, or with any person, or with a combination thereof, to carry out or develop portions of the plan provided for in subsection 1, or both, and to provide a solid waste management system, or any part thereof.


Any plan developed by the governing body of a municipality or district board of health created pursuant to NRS 439.362 or 439.370 must be submitted to the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for approval according to a schedule established by the State Environmental Commission. No action may be taken by that governing body or district board of health until the plan has been approved. The Department shall determine the adequacy of the plan within 90 days after receiving the plan. If the Department does not respond to the plan within 90 days, the plan shall be deemed approved and becomes effective immediately.


An approved plan remains in effect until the plan is revised and the revised plan is approved. A plan must not conflict with the statewide plan adopted by the State Environmental Commission pursuant to NRS 444.570. Plans must be revised to reflect proposed changes in the solid waste management system, and changes in applicable regulations.

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