Nevada Mental Health

Sec. § 437.410
Authorized disciplinary action; private reprimands prohibited; orders imposing discipline and certain supporting documentation deemed public records.


If the Division or a hearing officer appointed by the Division finds a person guilty in a disciplinary proceeding, the Division shall transmit notice of that finding to the Board. Upon receiving such notice, the Board may:


Administer a public reprimand.


Limit the person’s practice.


Suspend the person’s license or registration for a period of not more than 1 year.


Revoke the person’s license or registration.


Impose a fine of not more than $5,000.


Revoke or suspend the person’s license or registration and impose a monetary penalty.


Suspend the enforcement of any penalty by placing the person on probation. The Board may revoke the probation if the person does not follow any conditions imposed.


Require the person to submit to the supervision of or counseling or treatment by a person designated by the Board. The person named in the complaint is responsible for any expense incurred.


Impose and modify any conditions of probation for the protection of the public or the rehabilitation of the probationer.


Require the person to pay for the costs of remediation or restitution.


The Board shall not administer a private reprimand.


An order that imposes discipline and the findings of fact and conclusions of law supporting that order are public records.

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