Nevada Mental Health

Sec. § 437.140
Board to prescribe fees by regulation; deposit and use of money.


The Board shall prescribe, by regulation, fees for the issuance, renewal and reinstatement of a license or registration and any other services provided by the Division pursuant to this chapter. The Board shall ensure, to the extent practicable, that the amount of such fees is sufficient to pay the costs incurred by the Board and the Division under the provisions of this chapter, including, without limitation, the compensation of the Board prescribed by NRS 437.105, and does not exceed the amount necessary to pay those costs.


Money received from the licensure of behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts and registration of registered behavior technicians, civil penalties collected pursuant to this chapter and any appropriation, gift, grant or donation received by the Board or the Division for purposes relating to the duties of the Board or the Division under the provisions of this chapter must be deposited in a separate account in the State General Fund. The account must be administered by the Division. Money in the account must be expended solely for the purposes of this chapter and does not revert to the State General Fund. The compensation provided for by this chapter and all expenses incurred under this chapter must be paid from the money in the account.

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