Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 4.365
Small claims: Supplies and postage; duties of boards of county commissioners.


A justice of the peace shall in the manner provided by law make and file a claim against the county to reimburse the justice of the peace for moneys expended for postage stamps and charges of the post office for registered or certified mail incurred in connection with the duties prescribed in chapter 73 of NRS and by rules of court for small claims actions. The claims shall be acted upon by the board of county commissioners in the same manner as other claims presented to the board.


The board of county commissioners of every county shall furnish to every justice of the peace in their county a reasonable supply of the various blank forms required in small claims actions, and also all forms, docket book and stationery necessary for the use of the justice in complying with the provisions of chapter 73 of NRS and the rules of court.

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