Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 4.040
Salaries and compensation of justices of the peace.


The several boards of county commissioners of each county, at the regular meeting in December of any year immediately preceding a year in which an election of justices of the peace is held, shall fix the minimum compensation of the justices of the peace within their respective townships for the ensuing term, either by stated salaries, payable monthly, semimonthly or at regular 2-week intervals, or by fees, as provided by law, or both, and they may thereafter increase or change such compensation during the term but shall not reduce it below the minimum so established.


If it becomes necessary to appoint a justice of the peace at any time, the board of county commissioners in the county in which such appointment is made shall fix the compensation, either by salary or by fees, as provided by law, or both, for the term for which the justice of the peace is appointed.

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