Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 4.230
Docket entries.

Every justice must keep a docket, by conventional or electronic means, in which the justice must enter:


The title of every action or proceeding.


The object of the action or proceeding; and if a sum of money be claimed, the amount thereof.


The date of the summons, and the time of its return; and if an order to arrest the defendant be made, or a writ of attachment be issued, a statement of the fact.


The time when the parties, or either of them, appear, or their nonappearance, if default be made; a minute of the pleadings and motions; if in writing, referring to them; if not in writing, a concise statement of the material parts of the pleading.


Every adjournment, stating on whose application and to what time.


The demand for a trial by jury, when the same is made, and by whom made, the order for the jury, and the time appointed for the return of the jury and for the trial.


The names of the jurors who appear and are sworn, and the names of all witnesses sworn, and at whose request.


The verdict of the jury, and when received; if the jury disagree and are discharged, the fact of such disagreement and discharge.


The judgment of the court, specifying the costs included, and the time when rendered.


The issuing of the execution, when issued and to whom; the renewals thereof, if any, and when made, and a statement of any money paid to the justice, when and by whom.


The receipt of a notice of appeal, if any be given, and of the appeal bond, if any be filed.

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