Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 33.050
Assessment of court costs and fees; duty of court clerk to assist parties; no charge for certified copy of order for applicant.


The payment of all costs and official fees must be deferred for any applicant for a temporary or extended order. After any hearing and no later than final disposition of the application or order, the court shall assess the costs and fees against the adverse party, except that the court may reduce them or waive them, as justice may require.


The clerk of the court shall provide each party, free of cost, with information about the:


Availability of temporary and extended orders;


Procedure for filing an application for an order; and


Right to proceed without legal counsel.


The clerk of the court or other person designated by the court shall assist any party in completing and filing the application, affidavit and any other paper or pleading necessary to initiate or respond to an application for a temporary or extended order. This assistance does not constitute the practice of law, but the clerk shall not render any advice or service that requires the professional judgment of an attorney.


The clerk of the court shall not charge an applicant for a temporary or extended order for providing the applicant with a certified copy of the temporary or extended order.

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