Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31A.330
Other sources of money from which support may be withheld; duty of public entity upon receipt of order of assignment.


Money may be withheld for the support of a child pursuant to NRS 31A.250 to 31A.330, inclusive, from any money due to:


The obligor as a pension, an annuity, unemployment compensation, a benefit because of disability, retirement or other cause;


The obligor as a return of contributions and interest; or


Some other person because of the death of the obligor,
Ê from the State of Nevada, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada or an agency of either, a public trust, corporation or board or a system for retirement, disability or annuity established by a statute of this state.


When a certified copy of any order of assignment is served by certified mail, return receipt requested, on any entity described in subsection 1, other than the Federal Government, it must comply with any request for a return of employee contributions by an employee named in the order by paying the contributions to the person entitled to the payment of support or that person’s legal representative unless the entity has received a certified copy of an order terminating the order of assignment. A court may not directly or indirectly condition the issuance, modification or termination of, or condition the terms or conditions of, any order for the support of a child upon the issuance of such a request by an employee.

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