Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31A.310
Duty of person or entity for whom support is being collected to notify court and employer of obligor of change of address.


The person or other entity to whom support is ordered to be paid by assignment of income shall notify the court and the employer of the obligor, by any form of mail requiring a return receipt, of any change of address within a reasonable time after that change.


If the employer or the legal representative of the person entitled to the payment for support is unable to deliver payments as required pursuant to NRS 31A.250 to 31A.330, inclusive, within 3 months because of the failure of the person entitled to the support to notify the employer or the person’s legal representative of a change of address, the employer or legal representative shall not make any further payments pursuant to the assignment and shall return all undeliverable payments to the employee.

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