Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31A.080
Duties of employer upon receipt of notice to withhold.

An employer who receives a notice to withhold income shall:


Withhold the amount stated in the notice from the income due the obligor beginning with the first pay period that occurs within 14 days after the date the notice was mailed to the employer and continuing until the enforcing authority notifies the employer to discontinue the withholding;


Deliver the money withheld to the enforcing authority within 7 days after the date of each payment of the regularly scheduled payroll of the employer;


Deduct from the income due the obligor after the withholding pursuant to subsection 1, the fee set forth in NRS 31A.075;


Deliver to the State Treasurer, at least quarterly, all money deducted as fees pursuant to subsection 3; and


Notify the enforcing authority and the State Treasurer when the obligor subject to withholding terminates the obligor’s employment, and provide the last known address of the obligor and the name of any new employer of the obligor, if known.

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