Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.180
Defendant, having appeared in action, may move for discharge of attachment upon giving undertaking; stipulations for release of attachments.


Whenever the defendant shall have appeared in the action, the defendant may apply, upon reasonable notice to the plaintiff, to the court in which the action is pending, or to the judge thereof, for an order to discharge the attachment, wholly or in part, upon the execution and filing of the undertaking mentioned in NRS 31.190. Such order may be granted directing the release from the operation of the attachment, upon the filing of such undertaking and the justification of the sureties thereon, if required by the plaintiff, of all or any part of the property, money, debts or credits attached, as the case may be. All the proceeds of sales and moneys collected by the sheriff, and all the property attached remaining in the sheriff’s hands, so released, shall be delivered or paid to the defendant upon the filing of such undertaking and making such justification, if required by the plaintiff.


The plaintiff and defendant may stipulate in writing that the attachment of defendant’s property may be released wholly or in part. Upon the filing of such a stipulation, the sheriff shall release the property pursuant to the stipulation.

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