Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.140
Satisfaction of judgment by sales of attached property.

If judgment be recovered by the plaintiff, the sheriff shall satisfy the same out of the property attached by the sheriff which has not been delivered to the defendant or a claimant, as hereinafter provided, or subjected to execution on another judgment recovered previous to the issuing of the attachment, if it be sufficient for that purpose:


By paying to the plaintiff the proceeds of all sales of perishable property sold by the sheriff or of any debts or credits collected by the sheriff, or so much as shall be necessary to satisfy the judgment.


If any balance remain due, and an execution shall have been issued on the judgment, the sheriff shall sell under the execution so much of the property, real or personal, as may be necessary to satisfy the balance, if enough for that purpose remain in the sheriff’s hands. Notice of the sales shall be given, and the sales conducted as in other cases of sales on execution.

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