Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.028
Contents of order for attachment.

The court or judge issuing any order for attachment with or without notice shall set forth in the order:


The ground or grounds for attachment relied upon for the issuance of the order.


The facts or reasons why the court believes the ground or grounds exist.


The fact that the plaintiff has alleged a meritorious claim for relief.


The amount for which the attachment will issue.


The amount of security which must be given by the plaintiff before the writ will issue.


The names of all third persons upon whom writs of garnishment in aid of attachment may be served.


A description in reasonable detail of the money or property to be attached, and, if property, the value of the property based upon the evidence or affidavits presented to the court. The writ of attachment shall demand the amount for which attachment will issue, as specified in the order, and the court may order several writs to be issued at the same time to the sheriffs of different counties.

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