Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings
Sec. § 31.065
Deposits by plaintiff of money with sheriff to pay expenses of taking, transporting and keeping certain personal property; liability of sheriff.


In cases where the sheriff is instructed to take into possession easily transportable personal property, whether it is to be placed in a warehouse or storage yard or in the custody of a keeper, the sheriff shall require, as prerequisite to the taking of the property, that in addition to written instructions the plaintiff or the plaintiffs attorney of record deposit with the sheriff a sum of money sufficient to pay the expenses of taking, transporting and keeping safely the property for a period not to exceed 30 days.


If a further detention of the property is required, the sheriff shall make written demands upon the plaintiff or the plaintiffs attorney for further deposits to cover estimated expenses for periods not to exceed 30 days each. If the attaching party desires to make a greater deposit, the attaching party may do so. Such demand must be personally served on the plaintiff or the plaintiffs attorney or left with a responsible person or in a proper receptacle at the office or residence of the plaintiff or the plaintiffs attorney or the demand must be deposited in the post office in a sealed envelope, as first-class registered or certified mail postage prepaid, addressed to the person on whom it is served or the persons attorney at the last known office or place of residence.


If the money so demanded is not paid, the sheriff shall notify the defendant within 5 days after money for storing and handling the property is no longer available and shall release the property to the persons from whom it was taken. Failure so to notify the defendant imposes liability on the sheriff for the expenses unless sufficient money can be obtained from the plaintiff.
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