Nevada Miscellaneous Matters Related to Government and Public Affairs

Sec. § 241.016
Application of chapter; exempt meetings and proceedings; specific exceptions; circumvention of chapter.


The meetings of a public body that are quasi-judicial in nature are subject to the provisions of this chapter.


The following are exempt from the requirements of this chapter:


The Legislature of the State of Nevada.


Judicial proceedings, including, without limitation, proceedings before the Commission on Judicial Selection and, except as otherwise provided in NRS 1.4687, the Commission on Judicial Discipline.


Meetings of the State Board of Parole Commissioners when acting to grant, deny, continue or revoke the parole of a prisoner or to establish or modify the terms of the parole of a prisoner.


Any provision of law, including, without limitation, NRS 91.270, 219A.210, 228.495, 239C.140, 239C.420, 281A.350, 281A.690, 281A.735, 281A.760, 284.3629, 286.150, 287.0415, 287.04345, 287.338, 288.220, 288.590, 289.387, 295.121, 360.247, 388.261, 388A.495, 388C.150, 388D.355, 388G.710, 388G.730, 392.147, 392.467, 394.1699, 396.3295, 414.270, 422.405, 433.534, 435.610, 442.774, 463.110, 480.545, 622.320, 622.340, 630.311, 630.336, 631.3635, 639.050, 642.518, 642.557, 686B.170, 696B.550, 703.196 and 706.1725, which:


Provides that any meeting, hearing or other proceeding is not subject to the provisions of this chapter; or


Otherwise authorizes or requires a closed meeting, hearing or proceeding,
Ê prevails over the general provisions of this chapter.


The exceptions provided to this chapter, and electronic communication, must not be used to circumvent the spirit or letter of this chapter to deliberate or act, outside of an open and public meeting, upon a matter over which the public body has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory powers.

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