Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 287.338
Procedure for awarding contracts to vendors.


The Program is subject to the provisions of chapter 333 of NRS.


The Committee shall act as the chief of the using agency for the purposes of NRS 333.335.


If a committee to evaluate proposals for a contract of the Program is established pursuant to NRS 333.335, any number of members of the Committee may be appointed to the evaluation committee. If one or more members of the Committee are appointed to an evaluation committee:


No action or deliberation regarding any business of the Committee other than the confidential review of the proposals pursuant to NRS 333.335 may be taken or conducted by the evaluation committee.


Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (a), a meeting of the evaluation committee is not subject to chapter 241 of NRS.


The Committee shall review the results of any evaluation of proposals for a contract for the Program pursuant to NRS 333.335 in a closed meeting.


The Committee shall take the following actions pursuant to NRS 333.335 only in an open meeting:


Award the contract pursuant to NRS 333.335;


Cancel a request for proposals; or


Reissue a modified request for proposals.

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