Nevada Miscellaneous Matters Related to Government and Public Affairs
Sec. § 239A.140
Record of examination or disclosure of financial records: Maintenance; availability to customer.


A financial institution shall maintain for a period of 5 years a record of all examinations or disclosures of the financial records of a customer, including:


The identity of the person examining the financial records;


The name of the governmental agency he or she represented; and


A copy of the customer authorization, subpoena or search warrant providing for the examination or disclosure or a copy of the certification received pursuant to NRS 239A.150.


Any record maintained under this section shall be available within 5 days after the request for examination or disclosure for review by the customer during normal business hours at the office or branch where the customer’s account was located when examined or disclosed. A copy of the record shall be furnished to the customer upon request and payment of the reasonable cost of the copy.
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