Nevada Miscellaneous Matters Related to Government and Public Affairs
Sec. § 239A.090
Customer’s authorization of disclosure of financial records; notice of examination; invalidity of waiver of rights or procedures.


A customer may authorize disclosure of financial records pertaining to him or her by signing and dating a statement in which the customer:


Authorizes the disclosure for a period specified in the statement;


Specifies the name of the governmental agency to which disclosure is authorized and, if applicable, the statutory purpose for which the information is to be obtained;


Identifies the financial records which are authorized to be disclosed; and


Indicates an understanding that he or she has the right at any time to revoke the authorization.


No such authorization shall be required by a financial institution as a condition of doing business with the financial institution.


A governmental agency authorized by a customer to examine his or her financial records shall notify the customer in writing within 30 days after the examination that the examination took place and that the customer has the right to request in writing the reasons for the examination. The notice shall also specify the financial records which were examined. The agency shall give the customer the reason for the examination in writing within 10 days after the customer requests it.


Except as provided in this section, a waiver by a customer of any right or procedure under this chapter, whether oral or written or with or without consideration, is invalid.
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