NRS 239A.070
Inapplicability of chapter

  • disclosures not prohibited by chapter.

This chapter does not apply to any subpoena issued pursuant to title 14 or chapters 616A to 617, inclusive, of NRS or prohibit:


Dissemination of any financial information which is not identified with or identifiable as being derived from the financial records of a particular customer.


The Attorney General, State Controller, district attorney, Department of Taxation, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Administrator of the Securities Division of the Office of the Secretary of State, public administrator or person employed or contracted with pursuant to NRS 253.125, as applicable, sheriff or a police department from requesting of a financial institution, and the institution from responding to the request, as to whether a person has an account or accounts with that financial institution and, if so, any identifying numbers of the account or accounts.


A financial institution, in its discretion, from initiating contact with and thereafter communicating with and disclosing the financial records of a customer to appropriate governmental agencies concerning a suspected violation of any law.


Disclosure of the financial records of a customer incidental to a transaction in the normal course of business of the financial institution if the director, officer, employee or agent of the financial institution who makes or authorizes the disclosure has no reasonable cause to believe that such records will be used by a governmental agency in connection with an investigation of the customer.


A financial institution from notifying a customer of the receipt of a subpoena or a search warrant to obtain the customer’s financial records, except when ordered by a court to withhold such notification.


The examination by or disclosure to any governmental regulatory agency of financial records which relate solely to the exercise of its regulatory function if the agency is specifically authorized by law to examine, audit or require reports of financial records of financial institutions.


The disclosure to any governmental agency of any financial information or records whose disclosure to that particular agency is required by the tax laws of this State.


The disclosure of any information pursuant to NRS 353C.240, 425.393, 425.400 or 425.460.


A governmental agency from obtaining a credit report or consumer credit report from anyone other than a financial institution.

Source: Section 239A.070 — Inapplicability of chapter; disclosures not prohibited by chapter., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-239A.­html#NRS239ASec070.

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