Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 19.0315
Additional fees in civil actions: Programs for alternative dispute resolution.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 19.034, on the commencement of any civil action or proceeding in the district court for which a filing fee is required, and on the filing of any answer or appearance in any such action or proceeding for which a filing fee is required, a board of county commissioners may impose by ordinance a filing fee in an amount not to exceed $15 to offset a portion of the costs of providing programs of alternative dispute resolution on the party commencing, answering or appearing in the action or proceeding. These fees are in addition to any other fee required by law.


On or before the first Monday of each month, the clerk of the court shall pay over to the county treasurer the amount of all fees collected by the clerk of the court pursuant to subsection 1 for credit to an account for court programs for alternative dispute resolution in the county general fund. The money in the account must be used only to support programs for the arbitration of civil actions pursuant to NRS 38.250 and programs for the resolution of disputes through the use of other alternative methods of resolving disputes pursuant to NRS 38.258.


The provisions of this section apply only in judicial districts in which a program for alternative dispute resolution has been established pursuant to NRS 38.250 or 38.258.


As used in this section, “alternative dispute resolution” means alternative methods of resolving disputes, including, without limitation, arbitration and mediation.

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