Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 19.0303
Additional fees in civil actions: Programs for court security.


In any county, the board of county commissioners may, in addition to any other fee required by law, impose by ordinance a filing fee of not more than $20 to be paid on the commencement of any civil action or proceeding in the district court for which a filing fee is required and on the filing of any answer or appearance in any such action or proceeding for which a filing fee is required, except as otherwise required pursuant to NRS 19.034.


On or before the fifth day of each month, in a county where a fee has been imposed pursuant to subsection 1, the clerk of the court shall account for and pay over to the county treasurer any such fees collected by the clerk of the court during the preceding month for credit to an account for programs for court security in the county general fund. The money in that account must be administered by the county and:


May be used only for programs for court security or to reimburse the county for any capital costs incurred for maintaining any judicial departments that are added by the 75th Session of the Nevada Legislature;


Must not be used to supplant existing budgets for bailiffs or deputy marshals who are assigned to work in a courtroom; and


If any balance remains, may be carried forward to the next fiscal year.


As used in this section, “programs for court security” includes, without limitation:


Funding for additional positions for bailiffs, marshals, security guards or similar personnel;


Supplementing existing funding used to pay bailiffs, marshals, security guards and similar personnel;


Acquiring necessary capital goods for court security;


Providing security training and education to personnel;


Conducting security audits; and


Acquiring or using appropriate technology relating to court security.

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