Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 19.020
Commencement of civil action; administration of estate; appeal from Justice Court.


At the time of the commencement of every civil action or other proceeding in the several district courts, the plaintiff shall pay the clerk of the court in which the action is commenced the sum of $3, except as otherwise provided by specific statute.


At the commencement of any proceeding in any district court for the purpose of procuring an appointment of administration upon the estate of any deceased person, the party instituting the proceeding shall pay the clerk of the court the sum of $1.50.


Whenever any appeal is taken in a civil action or proceeding from the judgment or decision of a justice court, or other tribunal inferior to the district court, the party appealing shall, before the return to the appeal may be filed in the appellate court, pay to the clerk of the appellate court the sum of $5.


The several fees provided for in this section are designated as court fees, and no such action may be deemed commenced, proceedings instituted, nor appeal perfected until the court fees are paid.

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