Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 19.030
Additional fees in civil actions: State General Fund.


Except as otherwise provided by specific statute, on the commencement of any civil action or proceeding in the district court, other than the commencement of a proceeding for an adoption, the clerk of the court, in addition to any other fees provided by law, shall charge and collect $32 from the party commencing the action or proceeding.


On or before the first Monday of each month, the clerk of the court shall pay over to the county treasurer an amount equal to $32 per civil case commenced as provided in subsection 1, for the preceding calendar month, and the county treasurer shall place that money to the credit of the State General Fund. The county treasurer shall remit quarterly all such fees turned over to the county treasurer by the clerk of the court to the State Controller to be placed by the State Controller in the State General Fund.

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