Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 152.140
Report of commissioners; objections to report; hearing on objections; order of confirmation.


The commissioners, within a reasonable time shall file their report of partition.


Within 15 days after the report is filed, any interested person may file an objection to the report, particularly specifying the grounds of objection. A copy of the objection must be served upon the commissioners and all parties interested in the partition, their guardians, agents or attorneys, with a notice to those persons that the objecting party will, at a time certain, not later than 20 days after the filing of the objection, move the court to set aside the report, and for a new partition.


At the time specified, or at such other time as the court may set, the court shall proceed to hear the objection to the report, and may hear proof by any party, and for sufficient reasons, the court may set aside the report and recommit the partition to the same commissioners, or appoint others, or may modify or confirm the report.


If no objection is filed to the report within the time specified and the report appears to be just and correct and all the proceedings regular, the court shall enter an order confirming the report. The court shall order proper conveyance to be made by the respective parties to one another, or may appoint a commissioner to make the conveyance or conveyances, which, when acknowledged and recorded, is sufficient to convey title.

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