Nevada Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Sec. § 152.050
Commissioners for partition: Appointment; warrant; oath; qualifications.


If the property to be partitioned is entirely personal property, the court shall appoint three competent, disinterested persons as commissioners for that purpose, who shall be sworn by any person authorized to administer oaths to faithfully and impartially discharge their duties.


A certified copy of the order appointing them, attached to a certified copy of the order fixing the shares to which the respective parties are entitled must be given to them as their warrant, and their oath must be endorsed thereon.


If the property to be divided is real property, or partly real and partly personal, one of the three commissioners must be a licensed professional land surveyor.


Upon consent of the parties, and if the court considers it proper and just, the court may appoint one commissioner only, who has the same authority and is governed by the same rules as if three were appointed.

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