Nevada Energy; Public Utilities and Similar Entities
Sec. § 704A.280
Judicial review; objection to validity of action by governing body.


Any party to the proceedings aggrieved by an ordinance of the governing body establishing the service district, as amended, if amended, and filing a written objection as provided in NRS 704A.240 and a written application for a rehearing as provided in NRS 704A.270, may commence an appropriate action in the district court of the county in which the service district is located to challenge the validity of the ordinance. No such action may be commenced more than 60 days after enactment of the ordinance, or the last amendment thereto, if any, whichever is the later in time.


Any objection to the validity and correctness of the proceedings and instruments taken, adopted or made prior to the date of the application for rehearing shall be deemed waived in any hearing on assessments conducted by the governing body under NRS 704A.240 unless the objection is presented in writing at the times and in the manner specified in this chapter by a written objection under NRS 704A.240, if such proceedings and instruments were theretofore taken, adopted or made, and by a written application for rehearing under NRS 704A.270.
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