Nevada Energy; Public Utilities and Similar Entities
Sec. § 704A.073
“Mailed notice” and “notice by mail” defined.


“Mailed notice,” “notice by mail” or any phrase of similar import, except as otherwise qualified, means the giving by the municipal clerk, engineer, treasurer or other designated person, or any deputy thereof, as provided in this chapter or otherwise as determined by the governing body, of any designated written or printed notice addressed to the last known owner or owners of each lot being assessed or other designated persons at their last known address or addresses by deposit, at least 20 days prior to the designated hearing or other designated time or event, in the United States mails, postage prepaid, as first-class mail.


The names and addresses of such property owners, unless otherwise provided, shall be obtained from the records of the county assessor or from such other source as the official giving such notice deems reliable.


Any list of such names and addresses pertaining to any service district or assessment roll may be revised from time to time, but such a list need not be revised more frequently than at 12-month intervals.


Any mailing of any notice required in this chapter shall be verified by the affidavit or certificate of the official mailing the notice, which verification shall be retained in the records of the municipality at least until all assessments and bonds and any other securities pertaining thereto have been paid in full, or each claim relating thereto is barred by a statute of limitations.


Such affidavit or certificate of mailing shall be prima facie evidence of the mailing of such notice in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
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