Nevada Energy; Public Utilities and Similar Entities
Sec. § 704A.170
Petition by owners for study of costs to establish service district.


If not less than 60 percent of the owners of contiguous real property within a reasonably compact area of reasonable size, who own not less than 60 percent on a square foot basis of the real property within such area, seek to establish a service district, they shall petition each public utility corporation serving such area to make a study of the costs related to the establishment of such area as a service district.


The petition shall set forth:


The necessity for the proposed service district.


That the public convenience, necessity or welfare will be promoted by the establishment of the service district and that the property to be included therein will be benefited.


The name and address of the owner of each parcel or lot within the proposed service district as reflected on the records of the county assessor.


Such other matters as may be reasonably required by the public utility corporation.


Each copy of the petition shall be:


Verified by one of the petitioners.


Accompanied by a plat or sketch indicating the boundaries of the proposed service district and size in square feet of each parcel or lot within the proposed service district.
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