Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 7.165
Payment of compensation and expenses by defendant.

If at any time after the appointment of an attorney or attorneys the magistrate or the district court finds that money is available for payment from or on behalf of the defendant so that the defendant is financially able to obtain private counsel or to make partial payment for such representation, the magistrate or the district court may:


Terminate the appointment of such attorney or attorneys; or


Direct that such money be paid to:


The appointed attorney or attorneys, in which event any compensation provided for in NRS 7.125 shall be reduced by the amount of the money so paid, and no such attorney may otherwise request or accept any payment or promise of payment for representing such defendant; or


The clerk of the district court for deposit in the county treasury, if all of the compensation and expenses in connection with the representation of such defendant were paid from the county treasury, and remittance to the Office of State Public Defender, if such compensation and expenses were paid partly from moneys appropriated to the Office of State Public Defender and the money received exceeds the amount of compensation and expenses paid from the county treasury.

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