Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 7.145
Claim for compensation and expenses.


A claim for compensation and expenses made pursuant to NRS 7.125 or 7.135 must not be paid unless it is submitted within 60 days after the appointment is terminated to:


The magistrate in cases in which the representation was rendered exclusively before the magistrate; and


The district court in all other cases.


Each claim must be supported by a sworn statement specifying the time expended in court, the services rendered out of court and the time expended therein, the expenses incurred while the case was pending and the compensation and reimbursement applied for or received in the same case from any other source. Except as otherwise provided for the approval of payments in excess of the statutory limit, the magistrate or the court to which the claim is submitted shall fix and certify the compensation and expenses to be paid, and the amounts so certified must be paid in accordance with NRS 7.155.

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