Nevada State Judicial Department
Sec. § 7.085
Payment of additional costs, expenses and attorney’s fees by attorney who files, maintains or defends certain civil actions or extends civil actions in certain circumstances.


If a court finds that an attorney has:


Filed, maintained or defended a civil action or proceeding in any court in this State and such action or defense is not well-grounded in fact or is not warranted by existing law or by an argument for changing the existing law that is made in good faith; or


Unreasonably and vexatiously extended a civil action or proceeding before any court in this State,
the court shall require the attorney personally to pay the additional costs, expenses and attorneys fees reasonably incurred because of such conduct.


The court shall liberally construe the provisions of this section in favor of awarding costs, expenses and attorneys fees in all appropriate situations. It is the intent of the Legislature that the court award costs, expenses and attorneys fees pursuant to this section and impose sanctions pursuant to Rule 11 of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure in all appropriate situations to punish for and deter frivolous or vexatious claims and defenses because such claims and defenses overburden limited judicial resources, hinder the timely resolution of meritorious claims and increase the costs of engaging in business and providing professional services to the public.
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