Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 695I.510
Executive Director may request advance from State General Fund; conditions; notification; repayment.


If the Executive Director determines that the current expenses of the Exchange exceed the amount of money available because of a delay in the receipt of money from federal grants or a delay in the receipt of revenue from other sources, the Executive Director may request from the Office of Finance an advance from the State General Fund for the payment of authorized expenses.


If the Director of the Office of Finance approves a request made pursuant to subsection 1, he or she shall notify the State Controller and the Fiscal Analysis Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau of the amount of advance approved.


Upon receiving notification pursuant to subsection 2, the State Controller shall draw his or her warrant for payment of the approved amount.


An advance made pursuant to this section must not exceed 25 percent of the revenue expected to be received from any source other than legislative appropriation during the fiscal year in which the request is made.


Any money which is advanced pursuant to this section must be repaid by the Exchange to the State General Fund not later than August 31 immediately after the end of the fiscal year during which the advance is made.
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