Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 695I.370
Powers and duties of Board; audits.


The Board shall:


Adopt bylaws setting forth its procedures and governing its operations;


On or before June 30 and December 31 of each year, submit a written fiscal and operational report to the Governor and the Legislature, which must include, without limitation, any recommendations concerning the Exchange;


On or before December 31 of each year, prepare a report for the public summarizing the activities of the Board and the contributions of the Exchange to the health of the residents of Nevada during the previous year;


Provide for an annual audit of its functions and operations;


Submit all reports required by federal law to the appropriate federal agency and in a timely manner; and


If the Federal Act is repealed or is held unconstitutional or otherwise invalid or unlawful, define by regulation “qualified health plan” for the purposes of this act.


The Board may:


Adopt regulations to carry out the duties and powers of the Exchange;


Prepare special reports concerning the Exchange for the Governor, the Legislature and the public; and


Contract for the services of such legal, professional, technical and operational personnel and consultants as the execution of its duties and powers and the operation of the Exchange may require.


The Board is subject to Legislative and Executive Branch audits.
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