Nevada Juvenile Justice
Sec. § 62D.180
Determination of competence of child by juvenile court; additional determinations if child determined to be incompetent.


After the juvenile court considers the written reports of all the experts appointed by the juvenile court, any additional written reports, and testimony and other evidence presented at the hearing, the juvenile court shall determine whether the child is incompetent.


If the juvenile court determines that the child is competent, the juvenile court shall proceed with the case.


If the juvenile court determines that the child is incompetent, the juvenile court shall determine whether:


The child is a danger to himself or herself or society;


Providing services to the child will assist the child in attaining competence and further the policy goals set forth in NRS 62A.360; and


Any services provided to the child can best be provided to the child as an outpatient or inpatient, by commitment to an institution for persons with intellectual disabilities or mental illness pursuant to NRS 62E.160, or as otherwise allowed by law.


After the juvenile court makes the determinations set forth in subsection 3, the juvenile court shall issue all necessary and appropriate recommendations and orders.


Any treatment ordered by the juvenile court must provide the level of care, guidance and control that will be conducive to the child’s welfare and the best interests of this State.
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